Opus Dei

Treacher at the Summer Gala - Pt 2 ish

A Sinister plot

After thwarting the assassins in Tuscoa, the pantheon made their way to Sivona proper. But little did they know that Solomon had ressurected the duchess in secret and made a deal for patrian soldiers to help him take ancalia. In Sivona they found out from the bright republic consulate that Sun Chau is a bright republic agent stationed in Belluna. Promises were made, and a ship hired to reach Belluna.

Unfortunately a blockade fleet, led by Captain Jie, was anchored. After a few pirate’s untimely demise in an alley way, contact was made and the blockade was lifted at the price of learning about the death of a mysterious man in the ulstang skerries. As they prepped for their journey, Solomon revealed that he had resurrected Flavia, and that he had gained his shard of divinity by making a pact with one of the uncreated.


Sonnet Sonnet

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