Opus Dei

A Lost Daughter - Pt. 1
A vengeful mother.

Belluna’s sea chain lay high above the water, barring their entry, the city had suffered a plague and foreigners were barred. The town’s granaries happened to under go a few accidental fuel air explosions, caused by a rather clever raven with a runaway torch.

And luckily the good ship The Bendable Destiny was carrying plenty of grain, with a little social engineering and a lot of divine power, a berth was secured. The city was investigated, and after a brief introduction with the remnants of the thieves guild and a less than savory visit to the bright republic consulate, Sun Chau was located and a plan was formulated.

With the help of an undead horde and the Raktine mercenary company known as the Bloody Brethren, the city was assaulted, the army, led by Sun Wen, and rioters by Lucien, marched on the city. A great black dragon rose, and harrassed the enemy army, but fled when confronted by Sun Chau, the only words that passed between them, “Not you, little bird.”.

Bassilo, the parasite god, and exarch of the one, false idol.

Addressing his flock from the cathedral steps.

Treacher at the Summer Gala - Pt 2 ish
A Sinister plot

After thwarting the assassins in Tuscoa, the pantheon made their way to Sivona proper. But little did they know that Solomon had ressurected the duchess in secret and made a deal for patrian soldiers to help him take ancalia. In Sivona they found out from the bright republic consulate that Sun Chau is a bright republic agent stationed in Belluna. Promises were made, and a ship hired to reach Belluna.

Unfortunately a blockade fleet, led by Captain Jie, was anchored. After a few pirate’s untimely demise in an alley way, contact was made and the blockade was lifted at the price of learning about the death of a mysterious man in the ulstang skerries. As they prepped for their journey, Solomon revealed that he had resurrected Flavia, and that he had gained his shard of divinity by making a pact with one of the uncreated.

Treachery at the Summer Gala - Pt 1
Warm Introductions

A beautiful summer in Vissio, the grapes hang off the vines full to bursting with generous rains and cured by warm bright days.

We open inside of a poorly lit and worse smelling bordello turned bar, some are even kind enough to say bar turned bordello. Solomon is petitioning Lucien to come with him to the Defosca family’s Summer Gala. Though Lucien cares not for the revelry of Noble’s they are interrupted by Old Giollotti’s somewhat strained entrance.

Giollotti is a hedge wizard and the town’s excuse for an apothecary. He implores the the two fledgling Godbound to retrieve an artifact from the ruins beneath the church.

Solomon proposes a deal, they will retrieve the artifact in exchange for Giollotti’s help getting them into the Summer Gala.

The artifact as it turns out is a foot long crystal that is used in the Summer festival to bless the surrounding lands with a fruitful harvest. Usually they go into the ruins and retrieve one from the many shelves of them in the ruins, as they have been doing for many years, but when that room had run out, and the young men of the village sent deeper into ruins to recover more, they heard terrible sounds. All but young Marco made it out.

At this time Sun Wen is with Donatillo, the village tanner, being escorted to the party so that she can meet with some of her late husband’s business associates.

Solomon recalls a family friend attending the Gala many years ago and hopes to find her daughter there so that he may show off his daring ways in the ruins. His hopes are dashed when, after meeting Sun at the part, she tells him of how her daughter became lost. In exchange for her help investigating the ruins, after recalling her masterful dueling prowess, Solomon promises that he and Lucien will help Sun find her daughter.


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