Opus Dei

A Lost Daughter - Pt. 1

A vengeful mother.

Belluna’s sea chain lay high above the water, barring their entry, the city had suffered a plague and foreigners were barred. The town’s granaries happened to under go a few accidental fuel air explosions, caused by a rather clever raven with a runaway torch.

And luckily the good ship The Bendable Destiny was carrying plenty of grain, with a little social engineering and a lot of divine power, a berth was secured. The city was investigated, and after a brief introduction with the remnants of the thieves guild and a less than savory visit to the bright republic consulate, Sun Chau was located and a plan was formulated.

With the help of an undead horde and the Raktine mercenary company known as the Bloody Brethren, the city was assaulted, the army, led by Sun Wen, and rioters by Lucien, marched on the city. A great black dragon rose, and harrassed the enemy army, but fled when confronted by Sun Chau, the only words that passed between them, “Not you, little bird.”.

Bassilo, the parasite god, and exarch of the one, false idol.

Addressing his flock from the cathedral steps.


Sonnet Sonnet

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